Monday, 29 September 2008

How was your holiday?

By Steve Tidball

The only person in the office, apart from Nick and Darren, that I give a truthful answer to is James, an ex bodybuilder. It was brutal.

The email from Men’s Fitness to say we’d made it into the last 8 teams came on the Monday, and it gave me so much adrenaline that I swapped my end of season rest week for a Crash week instead.

I did gruelling time trials to find out how long I could keep my heart rate at maximum before losing peripheral vision. I did hill reps until I couldn’t turn the pedals. And when my legs were finished I went to the woods and trained with logs until my arms failed. It was 30 hours of all-out training for 9 days.

‘Good’ James said. ‘And in percentage terms what kind of strength gains do you think you made?’ He gets it.

I also wrote running specific training plans for me and Darren so that we’ll peak on November 23rd.

I’d write one for Nick but he won’t stick to it, partly because he already beats me in every race, but mostly because he trains on instinct.

This basically means nailing Green and Blacks Butterscotch with every meal, (we call him Picnick) cruising through training sessions, then somehow dropping 6kg before every triathlon and winning. My highly scientific training plan on the other hand always brings me in about 1 minute behind him.

Here’s a picture of me hundreds of metres ahead of Nick out of the water in Weymouth. This lead lasted for a whole 15 more minutes.

This was taken a few hours before Steelman. I’m looking relaxed because no-one’s told me I’m going to settle for 2nd again.

And here’s me, Nick, and our cyclist friend Tony taking a slightly disappointing 3rd at the Men’s Fitness Rough Track triathlon relay. (Notice how Nick still manages to stand on 1st place on the podium.) We’d have considered Tony for Team MF if it wasn’t for his rather limited skill set, which includes crashing bikes on corners, and crashing bikes at high speed. In this race he displayed his prowess in both skills at the same time.

Just can’t wait for November 23rd now. Mostly because Darren and I told Nick he has to run with us rather than going for the win. We’ll see if he can manage it.

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