Friday, 17 October 2008

Every second counts...

By Darren Roberts

Time goes slowly when you can’t wait for a race. It’s 5 weeks until 23rd November and we’re cramming in as much training as possible. Having said that, it will always feel like it is not enough time to get sufficient amounts of training done. Is half the battle the mental state you are in when you cross the start line…?

It’s 7.30am, I’m on a train to Waterloo looking out across a sun-drenched green landscape. I’ve just turned the last page of Every Second Counts by Lance Armstrong and I just want to get on my bike. This book felt more like an experience then a wad of paper. It was a glimpse into the sweat and tears that are just so hard to write down in words. As Nick said “It literally changed Steve’s and his life”. I agree it was inspiring, but Armstrong didn’t change our life, Lance fuelled an already present desire to improve no matter what. Nick and Steve already have that – oodles of the stuff..

These books are essential to a training regimen. His fight back from cancer is an incredible demonstration of human stubbornness and determination. I have literally wept in some parts of the book and been so inspired in others, that I’ve walked out of the door and gunned some miles out on the bike or a run. Again, if you have that stubbornness and desire, books like this ignite something and drive you on.

So my point is; use everything at your means to help you win. Your family, friends and other people’s experiences. Just make sure you carry on consistently pounding the ground. That is the most important part of Armstrong’s book for me – train, train and train, no matter what, it’s lonely but just do it. You’ll then be mentally and physically ready when you look across the start line of the big race.

Grim Challenge Duathlon tomorrow….I’m ready.

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