Monday, 24 November 2008

Apres race

By Nick Tidball

I sat on the train home with mud on my face, dirt covering my legs, sore knees, cuts on my arms and I couldn’t have felt better. I always think if you come back from a run feeling like a dog it’s been a good run. And this is exactly what the Saab Salomon X felt like. Having had a week in the heat of La Santa running up big hills in the dry air it was brilliant to then come and have a race as a team in a big bog.

I ran up a red ski slope at night near Meribel last year with ice spikes tied to my trainers. I did admittedly get in the hot tub with my friends afterwards but this race was similar in terms of just how fun it was to run in conditions that are really challenging.

I can’t think of anything more exhilarating than seeing what my body feels like at 70 miles in the desert with 6 more to go. As long as we don’t die or get attacked by jaguars I can’t think of a more exciting challenge.

Here's me and Steve having just run across that ridge below us in the picture, and then up a small mountain. La Santa is the white thing in the distance. And then Steve taking a high altitude piss.

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