Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Final preparations

By Nick Tidball

I saw my physio yesterday morning who diagnosed my knee pain as a meniscal impingement. Basically a sore knee. Being a kiwi though he said an active recovery of running cycling and swimming is in order. Sweet.

We’re now heading off to La Santa in Lanzarote in less than 2 weeks. To go and do a lot of sport in a hot place. We’re going to ride in Timanfaya nature reserve (below….wow) everyday then do training runs out to and then along Famara beach. It’s going to be wild.

We can basically do sport for 10 hours a day without killing ourselves. Having done this kind of training last year in Tarifa where Steve nearly drowned and where we ran all day with no food or water, its awesome training. I took this just after Steve had been rescued by a kite surfer.

The race will be 3 days after we get back, so I hope Darren’s training in the Lake District is good otherwise we might kill him on the run, or he might bleed a little.

I’ve trained harder for this event than any of my triathlons. Partly because it’s the winter and you have to just put more effort in, but mainly because we are a team, and I want to be as good as possible individually and as a group. The chance to go and race in deserts and jungles around the world is pretty good motivation.

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