Monday, 24 November 2008

Turbo X'tra mud!

By Darren Roberts

It was a perfectly tailored cold and wet day when we drove into the car park of the TurboX SaabSalomon trail run yesterday. We were buzzing. This was it. The SaabSalomon flags were hammering in the wind as we made our way to meet Men’s Fitness. This is what we had been thinking about constantly for 3 months. It’s hard to describe the feeling but it was loaded with anticipation and ‘what if’s’.

Nick and Steve were on top form, all the fitter for their trip to Lanzarote. Looking at the other teams, confirmed that they had all been nailing the training too.

We didn’t have a strict strategy but had agreed the pace would be good for all. The other teams looked just as determined as us and staring at the mud ahead, I wondered how this was going to turn out. We really wanted a Top 3 position.

5,4,3,2,1 – we’re off. 10 miles of mud, sand, hills and bog greeted us. The GRIM challenge in Aldershot was a baby brother compared to this. The second mouthful of brown water confirmed that - marvellous.

We crossed the line in 2
nd, a couple of minutes behind the winning team (well done to them). Team racing always leaves you with a feeling that you might have done a little better for the other guys. Could I have run through that bog 10 seconds quicker? Could I have eaten more to ensure fatigue didn’t set in? The answer is ‘maybe’ but the point about team races is getting everyone over the line together.

If we are lucky enough to be selected, the endurance distances of the races would mean we would all experience highs and lows. We just have to train hard, grit it and - like my old man taught me - crack on.

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