Saturday, 20 December 2008

Go Karnazes Go

By Darren Roberts

It’s finally sunk in. After all the excitement and celebrations of winning, I’ve sat back and really thought about the challenge ahead.

Not only do we have to run the Namibian desert in 3 months, we have to run 3 marathons back-to-back in 24 hours. I’m trying to comprehend the amount of training we need to do this and it’s proving difficult for my pea-like brain to figure it out. I turned to YouTube for help and have come across the incredible Dean Karnazes.

A week on and I’ve read his book ‘Ultra-Marathon Man - Confessions of an all-night runner’. Inspirational stuff. I find the attitude very similar to Lance Armstrong’s. It’s about getting out on the road and training – no matter what. The book doesn’t really go into too much detail about the science, injury-prevention and eating strategies behind his running. It’s more about a normal man just doing it.

More than anything though, it firmly rams home the need for miles under your belt.

So, I’m sitting here after just kicking man flu, and my running desire is knawing away at me. Do I rest another day? Karnazes says that he gets stressed if he doesn’t run for more than 3 days. I know what he means.

Looking at my trainers, I decide that where better to think over a ultra-marathon training plan than on a run.

Once more, I head for the door.

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