Sunday, 7 December 2008

Running like a kenyan, not a penguin

By Steve Tidball

It’s GRIM 8 this Sunday and I can’t wait.

Having taken unexpected victories at my last 2 races in Lanzarote last month I feel up for another win. The high I got from it lasted for days. Here’s me (top left) putting in a finishing kick.

Of course with a field of 2,500 you can’t predict who’s going to turn up.

I’ve also been helping Darren (top right) with his technique this week. His feet splay out when he runs which really limits his efficiency. It’s just the result of weak abductor muscles which handily can be strengthened simply by walking and running with straight feet.

He needs a lot of shouting at to help him remember, but Darren’s ex Army so he can cope with that.

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