Thursday, 25 December 2008

Map My Run

By Darren Roberts

It's xmas day (merry christmas to you). I want to go for a run before anyone gets up. My damn iPod has no battery power, so whilst waiting for it to charge, I decide to work some routes out online.

I remembered that years ago I signed up to, so moving the memory boxes around, I finally login and 'wow' - why have neglected this site. It's perfect for the next year.

Unfortunately you have to pay a subscription if you are signing now but its well worth it. Track, plot and record your runs.

You can embed the routes in your blog too - et voila...this route is along the Basingstoke Canal to my pal Dan's house. 25 and bit miles. A shorter one today though, my ol mum will stab me with a carving knife if i'm late for xmas dinner.

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