Sunday, 25 January 2009

If Karno does it...

By Nick Tidball

My approach over the last week has been 'if dean karnazes does it, i do it'.

I've just finished his first book 'CONFESSIONS OF AN ALL NIGHT RUNNER' and have been training on fear ever since after seeing what these ultramarathons can do to you. so on sunday night i ran just under 30 miles. the fantasies i was having about food by the end of that run got to a pretty weird place.

I've never had cravings for burgers and honey before. Then on Wednesday night i did my first heat training session Dean Karnazes style. This involved putting on all my ski gear and going for a run.

Some of the guys (psychos) he competed against in the Badwater Ultramarathon trained on treadmills in saunas, but i stayed true to the old school method of just wearing a lot of clothes and getting on with it. It was very, very hot, which presumably means it worked.

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