Sunday, 18 January 2009

Finding rythym

By Darren Roberts

It's now less than 3 months until the race. We're all settling into a training rhythm but feeling a little trepidation about the task ahead. It's now a matter of miles, miles and more miles.

Steve did a hard 23 miles of hill reps on Saturday and is still doing all his long runs without any food to help his body use fat for fuel rather than glycogen. However there was still lots of fresh snow left in his local park so he ate that stay hydrated. He also spent a few hours hard training in an 8000 meter altitude chamber. He's felt dizzy for the past 48 hours though, so needs to take it a bit easier.

Nick has stripped chocolate from his diet after working out he has a £100 a month habit. It's had a good effect, as he no longer has sugar crashes in the afternoon. He's been combining anaerobic with long endurance runs to keep his strength up and is now injury free. He's also started upper body weight training for the first time ever, so he can cope with some of the multi-sport race disciplines like kayaking and climbing.

I'm on target with this weeks plan, although mixing work and other commitments is a challenge. Two 15 mile runs last weekend without muscle fatigue the day after proves the tactic of building a solid base by first reducing the mileage has worked. The only injury this week was due to the -10 temperature. Embarrassingly, I chaffed my nether regions but didn't feel it because is was too numb from cold. Warning: do not run without appropriate insulation! A wrap of cotton wool protection and it's been 8 miles per day since. My missus isn't too chuffed about the injury location though. My response to that didn't go down too well either 'at least the desert is warmer' I said.

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