Monday, 16 February 2009

Some days

By Darren Roberts

Some days the running is just plain hard. Other days, everything just works. The feeling when this happens is amazing. First your legs aren't giving you small warning signs. Then you find that you are smiling, big wide smiles. This makes you turn up the internal speed dial and your body responds just the way you need it to. Jump the verge, up the hill, across the stream. Your on-board computer says 'Do it' and you go. Faster. Strong. In control.

I felt like this today during an 18-miler. For those that know this feeling, it can be incredibly emotional. I mean it literally makes me cry whilst running. I'm not sure if its the endorphins but short of flying along to the sound of Elgar's Nimrod, I'm there. This is what its about.

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