Monday, 23 March 2009

Secret formula?

By Darren Roberts

At the weekend myself and a friend called Rups, ran a 21.5 miler around Richmond Park and along the Thames. It was a hot day and we weren't moving slowly.

Today, to my delight, I have absolutely no aches at all. Usually I have at least a twinge here or there. Nothing. Why? Could it be the food and water strategy? I tested a couple of new things: Eletewater & Hammer Bars.

Before the run, I drank 500ml of water with Eletewater, upping the concentration slightly as it was a hot day. (Kind thanks to David at Eletewater for supplying some testers to Team Men's Fitness) You can't taste it if you get the mix right. If you feel like upping the strength you can catch a faint salt taste to the water - nothing offensive.

On the run I ate 2 Hammer bars and 1 banana. And drank 500ml of water with Eletewater and 500ml of water with Nuun. Following the run, another 500ml with Nuun and a nice ham and cheese bagel.

There are no refined sugars or trans-fats in the Hammer Bars. They have 220g calories per 50g bar, which isn't bad for the weight. Easy to eat and light. The new cashew nut ones add another 10g of calories.

What made the difference? Was it a combination of the Hammer Bars and the electrolytes in Eletewater and Nuun? Or was it just the Eletewater? I've taken Nuun by itself before and did have aches after.

Conclusion: Run a marathon next Saturday on Hammer Bars and Eletewater only. I may have found my new best friends.


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