Saturday, 20 June 2009

Keep on running

By Darren Roberts

Been a while since we blogged but training is back in full swing (or should I say 'swig' following a stag do last weekend *groan*) in preparation for the Ultra Trail Du Mont Blanc. We've all got qualifying races to nail first though. Steve and Nick are running the Classic Cliffs 55-miler in Dorset and I'm attempting the Lakeland 50. Both races give us 2 ultra points, to total 5 for this year - 4 being the requirement for Mont Blanc.

Namibia seems like a long time ago and Nick and I are in pretty good shape. Steve has had a rough time though as the following articles will tell you.

Men's Fitness Magazine blog 17/6
Men's Fitness Magazine blog 8/6
Men's Fitness Magazine blog 29/5

He needs to keep it going and it has helped reading motivating books like this - Born To Run.
We're all reading it at the moment. Chris McDougall's style of writing made me laugh as soon as I picked it up - great book. Amazon link here and video with the author below.

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