Sunday, 26 July 2009

UTMB qualifying races - update

By Darren Roberts

Just heard from Steve and Nick following their UTMB qualifying race - Classic Cliffs

It sounded like a shocker. 50% of the field didn't finish and unfortunately for Steve, he had to drop out 5 hours into the race with a definite foot fracture. Really bad news. That's his UTMB attempt over. Nick finished 11th, an excellent result considering the terrain and weather.

Mixed feelings. More from them later...

6 days until The Lakeland 50 for me. By all accounts it's not a walk in the park, which is not suprising as it's in the Lake District. I've spent alot of my free time in the Lakes - it's amazingly beautiful but it can be an unforgiving environment - so I'm not taking it lightly. Got to finish it. The fastest time last year was 12:03:00 and the last to cross the line finished in 24:00:35. I'll be extremely happy to finish somewhere around 18:00. There are 7 checkpoints, covering 71.2km and an accumalative ascent of 2944m, so it promises to be a cracker.

I have to say the organisation has been superb. I've received a race pack with details of the route, drawn on copied maps, predicted timings, kit lists, directions on the tricky bits and incredibly - photos of all the checkpoints - and even the food that is being served on them! I'm looking forward to pasta and rice pudding after 35km and cake and all sorts in between. Magic - really looking forward to it.


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  2. Fantastic effort guys even though it must of seemed disappointing.

    Being an amateur myself I haven't got the balls yet to take part in the Lakeland :-).

    Hope the UTMB goes well, it's a race I would love to do one day myself.

    Best of luck


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