Sunday, 19 July 2009

Harden the fuck up

By Nick Tidball

Motivation for training has never been easier for me as this week: Lance Armstrong is back in the Tour de France. You can’t beat the Tour for getting the inspiration to go out and try to destroy yourself on whatever session it is today. Those guys are insanely tough – one of the teams recently competed in wrist bands which had ‘HARDEN THE FUCK UP’ written on them. That’s a pretty good training mantra to adopt.

The best session this week was when I was running through woods as massive storms ripped through the sky overhead. At the time I couldn't remember whether or not it was a good thing to be surrounded by trees in a storm, as the ground turned into a lake under my feet. Perhaps it wasn't the brightest move but I was totally pumped during the run, so I just kept going – fast. I figured if you’re going to get hit by lightning, you may as well be running.

I also had a great session on Saturday: a three-hour run and bike flat out before breakfast, then I went out to Steve's and rode hills reps in the afternoon. I kept up with him for six hills – about 1hr 40min of cycling – before he turned to me and said he was going to start going at 100 per cent! Steve's turned into a beast on the bike, so this wasn’t much of a shock. In a perverse way I think it’s good for you to get smashed by someone else during training, although it hurts more when it’s your brother.

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