Sunday, 19 July 2009

Sibling rivalry

By Steve Tidball

Without doubt the highlight of my week was dropping Nick on a training ride. I took him out to the hills I train on where we planned to do multiple reps for a few hours. Naturally we soon starting racing each other, upping the tempo on every hill, until on the last one we were both going full pelt. Nick cracked first. I could almost hear the lactic acid surging into his legs. Since I’m such a kind brother, I kicked harder just so the effects of defeat could really sink in for him!

Because of my foot injury I'm still doing nearly all my training on the bike so it's good to see it's working – I hope it has the same effect on my running. Certainly I feel much stronger and fitter than I have for a long time. But the reality is I'm going to be going into the Classic Cliffs Ultra – a 94km race in Cornwall Nick and I are doing on 25th July – having not run for two months. I’ve even avoided walking as much as possible.

In light of that I've been doing a lot of really high intensity sessions which I'm hoping will minimize the amount of pain the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc will inevitably bring. I think the combination of high altitude and deep fatigue will push our heart rates to near maximum. So spending a lot of my training time feeling like I might throw up seems the sensible thing to do.

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