Monday, 14 September 2009

To Salomon or not to Salomon

By Darren Roberts

I've avoided Salomons up to now but can't find the reasons to any more. Maybe it was because too many people were wearing them, maybe its because I just hadn't worn Salomons before. Whatever the reasons, I've changed my mind. I raced the UTMB and the Lakeland 50 in Montrail Hardrocks and they were great - my only issue with them is the weight and also the high heel/sole which gave my calves alot of gip.

Anyway, they did me proud but they just weren't 100%. To seal my decision, I bumped into a chap called Mark Brooks half way through the UTMB - who raced the UTMB last year in Montrail Hardrocks and swapped them for the XT Wings - saying they were as comfortable if not more so, and worked for him in the Lakeland 100. Now, that for me is first-hand experience I can't ignore - especially from a Montrail fan such as myself.

So, for the next few weeks I'm trying them out:-

Salomon XT Wings

(backed-up by my ol Montrails of course. Thanks to Mark for the advice too - well done on the UTMB if you ever see this)

Useful review on the S-Lab version

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