Friday, 11 February 2011

UTMB kit list & pictures

Chamonix weather can be beautiful but it can also be brutal. The race is in August and mountain weather at this time of year is very temperamental.  If you are Killian Journet or Jezz Bragg and nailing the course in 20 hours, it is likely that you'll have the very minimum of kit to see you through a day of running.  If you are like me, a normal bloke, you are probably looking for 35-45 hour finish time.  That means two nights and two days of running. So, at the very worst, imagine yourself in a storm from the starter gun to the finish line, and then slap on top of that, 28,000ft of height change and possible snow - for two days. That will help you determine your kit requirements if nothing else. Prepare for the worst....    

Click here to view the Kit List

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