Thursday, 10 February 2011

Chia what?

Born to Run mentioned that the Tarahumara tribe used Chia seeds in their diet to help their running performance. Bonkers I thought, but being a person who doesn't like knocking things before I've tried them myself, I bought some.

A packet of tiny poppy-like seeds arrived and I set about making the gloopy frog-spawn-like substance. Days later, as all the runners were preparing for the start of the Lakeland 50, I stood in the pouring rain glugging my homemade concoction (sans sugar/lemon). It seemed utterly ridiculous to be doing this instead of noshing on a tasty cookies-and-cream protein bar.  Ten minutes later - we were off. God knows if it was the seeds, but my first 22 miles were run fast with the front group, something I never do, and it felt damn good. If it wasn't for a major attack of the cramps clouding an otherwise good day, I would have said that the chia seeds played their part. They definitely had an effect. Not sure what and maybe it was psyco-somatic, who knows.  

Anyway, thought I'd share a few resources on these supposedly magic seeds. Try them.    

Buying them:  You can buy off Amazon but its more expensive (P&P is double on Chia4UK though)
Making them: 
Runners videos on seeds:

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  1. I have just bought the ingredients to try these:
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