Saturday, 10 September 2011

Trials of the UTMB 2011

2245hrs Friday 26 August.  I pulled the 2XU calf compression socks from the neatly presented packaging, having only worn them once before to test they fitted. I had argued with myself about wearing something new and untested, but talked myself out of my paranoia. What can go wrong? I convinced myself. it's only Lycra. Famous last words....

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Great video 

Viva la UTMB.  
By Darren Roberts


  1. Darren, I'm lost in admiration. I loved your race report. And by the way, you're officially mad.
    Roger (Nick's ans Steve's dad)

  2. Hi Darren, a mate of mine sent me a link to your UTMB report and kankle issues, as I had exactly the same problem as you. I finished too, but the pain on the lower shins was indescribable. I know UTMB is a race for warriors, but it is good to know what caused the problem. I too was about 10 hrs slower than I expected. My compression socks are on their way into the bin as I write. Well done on finishing, and thanks for writing this report so well. It brought all the amazing emotions flooding back. I won't ever be able to listen to Conquest of Paradise without crying! Kingsley


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