Monday, 14 January 2013

Good base layer for cycling gloves?

Finger pain caused by the cold can turn the first hour of a cycle ride into a very grumpy experience. To the brethren based in climates that are far more extreme than Britian, I tip my hat.  A 0 degrees ride is uncomfortable here, so god knows what a -20 degrees ride is like.  Having said that, everything is always relative, and I'm in the UK, not Canada - and it's ruddy baltic here.

Despite wearing a pair of Endura Strike lined and waterproof gloves (which above 4 degrees are warm) my hands felt like a pile of Birds Eye fish fingers, just out of the freezer. They did eventually warm up but I vowed to find a good base layer to help them function. 

Here's what I've found so far, and it's interesting to see the different combinations of materials - all of which will work in different ways for different people I'm sure. As always, cost is a part of the purchase process and if you look hard enough you can find some good alternative options to the expensive brand offerings.

I started at the obvious places, sport brands, and then moved to the outdoor manufacturers. Then surprisingly, found some great bargains at places like Primark!  You just have to keep saying to yourself 'It's warmth you need, at a good cost, and the damned things are a base layer, so no need for brand logos!'

Icebreaker £18 

Under Armour £15 
Berghaus Power Stretch £13 

Sealskinz £8 
Terra Nova Thinnies £8  
Thermal Silk Liner £8  
Decathlon Silk Liner £5 (if you opt for the luscious pink or pedestrian tan colour they are only £2.99! Bargain.)

Magic Stretch Winter Gloves £0.99!! 
Stretch liner gloves at Primark! Can't find a link but they're about 80p. Booom.

These are just a few and I'll add more as I go. Having had this quick look, it shows you don't need to pay the earth. Let's be honest, the amount of times these damn things get separated from left or right, and the number of times you leave one at the roadside burger van, it might be worth exploring a cheap as chips pair to get the same job done!

(Will test silk ones from Decathlon first, so will post back the result.  If anyone has any other suggestions/experiences, please do comment.)


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