Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Reach your perfect racing weight

Base training for the year? Dropping the excess weight in preparation for the fastest ultra or Ironman? You're not alone. The more you run, cycle or swim, the more you want to eat!  How the dickens do you know when to stop eating too much, and actually add value to your plan to conquer the world, instead of adding centimetres to your waistband.

This is a good book from Matt Fitzgerald 'Racing Weight' explaining how to get lean for peak performance. Pretty interesting stuff and dispels a few myths, opening your eyes to the right way to do some things.

Mix this up with this book by a chap called James Duigan 'Clean and Lean' approach to food, and you'll start to see changes.  Ignore the very soppy book name which includes the word 'diet' (for extra sales effectiveness no doubt), it actually has some good advice in it, and some good meal plans. He tends to push his own product along the way, but that's par for the course with these things. Trust me, you will look at food and it's benefits slightly differently.

Whilst you're reading those in front of the telly or more appropriately - during your turbo session - check this site out. It's a site aptly named 'I want Six Pack Abs' and vanity aside, it has some great exercises for your core.  It's also perfect for the thick people like me who can't translate an explanation into an exercise without seeing it! Click here to view the site

And then just to ensure you know why you're crunching the hell out of your stomach,  here's a good article on the importance of a strong core with some cracking illustrations and equally impressive medical names.

By Darren Roberts

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