Thursday, 10 January 2013

Wass all this palava about Strava?

When it comes to lighting a fire under my training, Strava is just what the doctor ordered. It's simple: go for a run or cycle (swim etc) and then upload the data to the site. Your times are then pitted against your previous efforts and other people's times. Essentially, it's gamifying sport. Added to that, you get the chance to participate in globally accessible challenges sponsored by big brands eg. Rapha.  

It's interesting to see how your (perceived) herculean efforts stack up against some seriously fit people around the globe.  I'm sad to say the real Hercules does not live in my house.  

Then there's the chance to get a 'King of the Mountain' on a particular section (known as 'segment'). As an article from Outside magazine (below) says, all of a sudden things start to change. I've got 2 KOMs and a CR now, and I can tell you, they took bags of snot, dribble and aggression to achieve, for what I'm not sure, but it felt good. Unfortunately, the damned things will be stripped from my worn-out virtual body before the sun comes up tomorrow. That I can be sure of. Which is why I'll get out of bed and throw more snot and dribble to the wind in an attempt to win it back. 

That folks, is the beauty of Strava.

Nice article from Outside magazine on Strava.  Click here to read

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